Psycho Ex Girlfriend written by Beaufield Berry and directed by Elizabeth Thompson and was first produced at The Shelterbelt Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska in April, 2013. This play was nominated in three categories at the Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards and was nominated in two categories at the Omaha Theatre Arts Guild Awards. Synopsis: We all know psycho ex girlfriends. Some of us have even been psycho ex girlfriends. Not me, but others. They’re on reality TV, stalking you on facebook, having lunch with your mothers and secretly showing up at your weddings “just to say ‘congratulations’”. They know your location, doctors name and social security number and their memories are impeccable. They love you so hard it just may hurt. You. But where, why and how were they created? Are they truly psychotic or simply victims of romantic crimes who were once innocent girls who looked for love in all the wrong places?