Sonder is Beaufield Berry's most recent play and was finished just prior to a staged reading "Before the Boards" at the Shelterbelt Theatre on February 6th, 2017 in Omaha, Nebraska.


The reading was directed by Emma Rasmussen with cast including: Natalie Hanson, TammyRa' Jackson, Charleen Willoughby, Jayma Smay, Natalie Weiss and Beth Thompson.



 The local superstore is in the midst of recovering from the untimely suicide of its general manager.  The store's interim manager just so happens to be the victim's sister.  The employees are also reeling from the events that have transpired.  The store teeters on dysfunction but seems to operate no thanks to the new unfolding corporate policies.  Co-workers divide themselves and align themselves with one breath and the next.  You're sure to laugh; you're sure to squirm.


Look for a production announcement for Sonder coming this summer 2017!